extranet ex‧tra‧net [ˈekstrənet] noun [countable] COMPUTING
a computer system that allows better communication between a company and its customers by combining Internet and intranet systems, so that some customers can view some of the company's private information that is not normally available on the Internet

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extranet UK US /ˈekstrənet/ noun [C]
IT, INTERNET, COMMUNICATIONS a system of computers that makes it possible for a company and people outside the company to communicate and share information over the internet. Extranets also allow employees who work away from the office to connect to the office computers: »

Extranets enable suppliers to react promptly to changes in a company's business, thereby cutting out wasteful stock and unnecessary human command chains.

Compare INTRANET(Cf. ↑intranet)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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